LED TVs Have Raised Standards In Home entertainment

When the first color home theatre systems hit the scene in the 1960’s, the first people in your area to own them were considered high-class. When big screen home theatre systems started being manufactured, include lg android tv 55 inch those with thousands to shell out for the things were the best thing since cut bread.

Not so previously flat panel and plasma home theatre systems came on the market and retailed for as much as 25, 000 dollars. Today the technology has become affordable for many more people and the technology is advancing again in the form of the LED TV. Unlike plasma home theatre systems, LED sets are a form of LCD technology that utilize LED backlighting as opposed to the cold cathode fluorescent lights or CCFL’s that are used in traditional LCD sets.

Manufacturers have started using this process for making Video’s because it allows for a saving of space and less energy consumption. Although many LED home theatre systems sold to get are correctly known as such, they are incorrect LED displays and still use parts of more traditional LCD technology. LED home theatre systems come in a few different forms which are dynamic RGB LED’s, white edge LED’s, and full array. Dynamic and full array are both positioned behind the screen of an LCD television whereas the white edge are put around the perimeter of the set. The white edge is one of the most common applications for LED television technology.

LED technology is relatively new and as such, LED models tend to be a bit more expensive than their traditional counterparts. The variance however is not drastic and they remain as affordable as plasma or traditional LCD home theatre systems. For example Samsung LED home theatre systems range from about 1000 dollars to 2000 dollars depending on size and specific features. Most models of this leading manufacturer come with full HI-DEF capabilities, 1080p resolution, range in size of 32 to over 60 ins and are wall mountable. The newest generation of home theatre systems are something called Smart Television, this enables the television to display content on the web making the television the switch of home entertainment.

It seems there will not be a time in the future that having the latest television set won’t make you the crave of the neighborhood. From huge heavy color Video’s that came out in the middle of the 20th century to the ultra thin models of today, manufacturers continue to find new and innovative ways to deliver televised content to millions of consumers around the world.

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